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On this page you will find the most Frequently asked question and answers by visitors during a visit to Bonaire by cruise ship!

Bonaire is known for its nature protection efforts. As a leader in marine conservation, it is a top diving destination in the world named by CNN, Scuba Diving Magazine and more. One of the most important natural resources on Bonaire is the people.  They genuinely welcome visitors with a ready smile and a friendly wave of the hand.  History dictates a vibrant culture with many traditions and celebrations throughout the year.  Adding to the islands assets are the ideal conditions for learning to windsurf.  The island boasts local Freestyle Windsurfing for professionals who travel around the world and are big names in this discipline. It is no wonder that on Bonaire you will see children from the age of five on the boards, is it therefore also no wonder that Bonaire hosts the annual Pro Kids competition.  


We would like to encourage you to get a real taste of Bonaire and want to give you the following tips

*    Take an island tour. It is truly the ideal way to get to know our island. In order to ensure that your driver (and guide) are providing good quality service, we kindly ask you to give our TCB representatives (on the pier(s)) your comments after a tour.
*    If you are renting a car you will have to be at least 23 or in some cases, 25 years old.  A security deposit will be required as is a current drivers seen license.  If you intend to tour Washington/Slagbaai Park, a pick-up truck or vehicle with high ground clearance is required.  Standard daily rental rates will apply.  Following are some of the spots you can visit on your tour.   
o    Thousand Steps    
o    Goto Lake    
o    Rincon
o    Seru Largoe
o    Saltpans
o    Slave huts
o    Pekel Meer
o    Mangazina di Rei (at Rincon)
o    Washington Slagbaai National Park

*    If you are renting a bike, make sure you stop at historical/cultural places in Kralendijk and neighborhood. Our office can provide you with a map specifically for this. This Historical Map is ideal for a walking tour in the area of Kralendijk also.

Cruise Schedule 2013 - 2014

Click here to download the provisional Cruise Schedule 2013 - 2014

Which tours are available?

There are two tours.  “North Tour” (Northern part of the island) and “South Tour” (Southern part of the island) Price per tour per person is $25. Prices are fixed...

Can we visit the Washington Slagbaai National Park?

It is possible to visit the Washington Slagbaai Park. The entrance fee is $10. The only possibility to visit Washington Slagbaai is by means of a rented car. This car needs to be a pickup or a...

Where can one see flamingos?

Best opportunity would be during a North tour, at Goto Lake. Flamingos do not outnumber the people unless we count the ones who are off-island. However, the quantity of flamingos is very high,...

Where are the Museums?

There are several museums on Bonaire Two are in Kralendijk. *    Bonaire Museum, walk from the pier to the post office, and follow the street Kaya Libertador Simon Bolivar,...

Where is the best shopping area?

The  best small shopping areas are: *    The market place in the Wilhelmina Park in Kralendijk. This market place is especially set up for cruise visitors. One can...

Is there a catholic church nearby?

Yes, coming off the pier, walk to the Wilhelmina Park (cruise market place), go to the beginning of the main-street and you will see the Tourism Office. Pass the Tourism office and walk straight...

What is the best beach with facilities?

There are several good beaches with facilities. *    Plaza Resort Bonaire has free access. Chair rental is $5 per day. *    Divi Flamingo Beach resort,...

Pink Beach

Pink beach has been affected by wind reversals in the past.  At the moment it is in process of recovering naturally which can take a few years to return to its former state.  

What is the best beach for snorkeling (with own equipment)?

There are nice snorkeling locations around the island. These are a few of them: *    Playa Palu di Mangel also called  windsock or Donkey beach. It is situated in...

What is the best beach for snorkeling (without own equipment)?

*     Divi Flamingo, Dive Friends, Eden Beach &  Plaza Resort rent equipment

Finding a dive operator?

Bonaire is often called a divers paradise. This is also the tagline you'll see on the number plates of the cars. The island is especially known for its 53 easily accessible shore dive...

Where is the National Marine Park?

All waters surrounding Bonaire are protected and have been designated as a marine park. This area has been designated as such more than 25 years ago. Bonaire is a leader in marine protection and...

How far is it to:

*    Eden Beach is 5 min by car or 25 min by foot. The taxi rates are $9 for 4 persons. All facilities can be found at Eden Beach. *    Plaza Resort Bonaire is 3...

Where can I get a taxi?

It is recommended to go to the pier and ask for assistance of one of our Tourism Corporation Bonaire representatives (wearing  purple polo shirts), or ask one of the dispachers in white...

What is the best way to place international calls?

*  Phone cards can be bought at TELBO (national telecommunications company); TELBO is situated on the Kaya Libertador Simon Bolivar, just after the Tourism Office. *  ‘Chat...

Where can I find an internet café or internet access?

*    With laptop: There are several “SURF IT” hotspots located at different areas in Kralendijk. “SURF IT” pre-paid cards are available at TELBO....



Seminar Fish ID in July and August

Do you want to participate in the Sixth Annual Fish ID Challenge? This event... Read more

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